Root Resorption

What is Root Resorption

Root resorption (or invasive cervical resorption) is a process that occurs when certain cells around your root surface take away hard tooth structure.   While the exact cause of resorption is poorly understood, most instances involve some level of trauma to the root (either through dental trauma, bleaching, orthodontics, surgery, etc.).  Endodontists are particularly adept at diagnosing and treating root resorption due to their use of the Cone Beam CT scan and understanding of root anatomy.  When caught early, root resorption may be treated with a simple filling.  Occasionally resorption may be treated through root canal treatment. 

If your dentist is concerned that you have root resorption, please call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Russo.  She will provide a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan during the time of your consultation and may recommend taking a Cone Beam CT scan in order to determine the extent of the resorption.